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EK 2000 IEM
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어댑티브 다이버시티 기술이 적용된 무선 모니터링 세트 수신기. IE 4 인이어 이어폰과 결합되어 라이브 사운드의 고유한 음향 패턴을 전달하고 자신의 공연을 완전하게 모니터링할 수 있도록 해줍니다.

이 무선 모니터링 세트의 수신기에는 어댑티브 다이버시티(adaptive-diversity) 기술을 적용하였습니다. 이어폰 케이블은 제2의 안테나 역할을 하므로 신호 이탈을 상당히 감소시켜 줍니다. EK 2000 IEM는 IE 4 커널형 이어폰과 함께 명확하고 생생한 사운드를 재생해주어 사용자가 스스로를 완벽하게 모니터링하도록 해줍니다.

  • 견고한 전면 메탈 하우징,

  • 75 MHz 대역폭 내의 최대 3000 주파수,

  • 20개의 고정 주파수 뱅크 (최대 32개 프리셋 가능),

  • 6개의 주파수 뱅크(최대 32개의 채널) ,

  • 어댑티브 다이버시티 기술로 높은 수신 보장,

  • 2 dB 간격으로 조정 가능한 잡음 억제 기능(파일럿 톤 스퀠치),

  • 이용 가능한 주파수 찾는 주파수 스캔 기능,

  • 무선 동기화 가능,

  • 백라이트 디스플레이에 사용자 편의성 고려한 조작 메뉴,

  • 맑고 깨끗한 사운드를 제공하는 HDX 압신기,

  • 향상된 AF 주파수 응답,

  • 백라이트 그래픽 디스플레이,

  • 배터리 상태는 4 단계로 표시됨.

  • BA2015 어쿠팩 충전 가능한 단자 포함,

  • 자동 잠금 기능으로 원치 않는 세팅 변경 방지,

  • Hi Boost, 조정가능 리미터, 스트레오/포커스 모드, 수신기의 선택 가능한 밸런스

  • 다양한 종류의 악세서리로 폭넓은 사용 가능

IE PRO Series

IE PRO Series

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Discover the power of dynamic in-ear monitors on stage with a cable or enjoy the freedom of listening to professional sound everywhere with the IE PRO BT Connector. Improve the way you perform on stage and enrich private listening pleasure by enhancing the way you hear. It's your choice.

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  • IE 4 이어폰
  • 사용설명서
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Product Support Phone

Product Phone

  • Can the 2000 Series products utilize a rechargeable battery system?

    For the Sennheiser 2000 Series equipment there is a proprietary rechargeable battery system that is designed specifically for these products to ensure the best operation time possible when using rechargeable batteries.
    The rechargeable battery system consists of the following components:
    - BA2015G2 = (rechargeable battery pack)
    - L2015 = (charger for two units)
    - LA2 = (charging slot-in adapter for a G3 or 2000 series handheld microphone)
    - NT1-120 = (power supply for a single L2015 charger)
    - NT3-1-US = (power supply for up to three (3) L2015 chargers daisy chained together)
    NOTE: The BA2015G2 battery pack can be placed directly into the L2015 charger for charging. When using the BA2015G2 battery pack in a SK or EK device the whole body pack can slot directly into the charger to charge the battery packs allowing charging in the device.
    When a handheld microphone is used in conjunction with the LA2 adapter the handheld microphone and LA2 adapter can slot directly into the charger to charge the battery pack without having to remove the battery pack from the handheld microphone.

  • How do I choose a frequency range for wireless systems (Frequency Finder Explained)?

    To help select an appropriate operating frequency range for wireless microphones and wireless IEM systems for your geographical area we offer a tool on our website called the Frequency Finder: (http://en-us.sennheiser.com/service-support-frequency-finder).

    From the control panel in the upper left corner of the page type in your zip code and click on your town or city from the pop-up list. Once the zip code is entered and the town/city selected then click SEND. The Frequency Finder queries the FCC database and reports back a list of broadcast facilities and their relative signal strengths at your location (determined by power and distance).

    The results of the Frequency Finder should be interpreted as follows:

    - "white" = indicates strong broadcast facility signals that might disrupt your system and would likely cause issues if these frequencies were to be used.
    - "yellow" = indicates weak broadcast facility signals that should be able to be worked around to find some available frequencies to use.
    - "green" = indicates vacancies (ie: no broadcast facility signals) and should result in plenty of available frequencies to use.

    NOTE: Once the Frequency Finder results list has been generated a new drop down menu labelled RANGE will appear just above the RESET and SEND buttons. From the RANGE drop down menu you can select the product range that you are interested in and once a product range is selected the different operating frequency ranges of the selected product range will overlay on the Frequency Finder results list as a pale BLUE HIGHLIGHT so you can see where the frequency ranges fall. From here you can review the Frequency Finder results list to determine what operating frequency range would be optimal for your region. 

    The default settings of the Frequency Finder are set for general use both indoors and outdoors. If the initial results list doesn't appear to show any available frequencies try changing the "ATT" drop down menu from 30 dB to 40 dB and the color indicators for available frequencies will adjust accordingly.

    NOTE: In a vacant television channel you can operate up to 8 wireless microphone systems or about 6 wireless IEM systems.

    NOTE: All frequencies above 700MHz are reserved by the government to facilitate the use of internet capable mobile devices. Government regulations prohibit the sale and use of equipment that operates in these frequencies in the United States.


  • 안전 지침 및 규정 정보
    • 안전 지침 2000/2000 IEM Series (4 MB) Download

    • Safety instructions - 2000 Series | 2000 IEM Series (1 MB) Download

    • Manufacturer declarations and specifications - 2000 IEM series (920 KB) Download

  • 퀵 가이드
    • 요약 안내서 2000 IEM Series (1.4 MB) Download

      Quick Guide for SR 2000 IEM, SR 2050 IEM and EK 2000 IEM

    • 요약 안내서 EK 2000 IEM (520 KB) Download

  • Technical Data
    • 기술 데이터 2000 IEM Series (3.6 MB) Download

      Specifications for SR 2000 IEM, SR 2050 IEM and EK 2000 IEM

  • Frequency Sheets
    • Frequency sheet IEM GBw range (606 - 678 MHz) (210 KB) Download

    • Frequency sheet 2000 IEM Aw range (516 - 558 MHz) (210 KB) Download

    • Frequency sheet IEM Bw range (626 - 698 MHz) (1.5 MB) Download

    • Frequency sheet IEM Cw range (718 - 790 MHz) (210 KB) Download

    • Frequency sheet IEM Dw range (790 - 865 MHz) (210 KB) Download

    • Frequency sheet IEM Gw range (558 - 626 MHz) (210 KB) Download

    • Frequency sheet 2000 IEM Aw+ range (470.100 - 558 MHz) (160 KB) Download

  • Technical Information
    • System configuration 2000 Series (3.8 MB) Download

  • Digital Brochures
    • Digital brochure 2000 Series (2.2 MB) Download

  • 기술 자료
    • Product specification EK 2000 IEM (260 KB) Download

  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EU Declaration of Conformity 2000 IEM series (400 KB) Download

  • 펌웨어 업데이트
    • Series 2000 / Series 2000 IEM - Firmware Version 1.8.1 (790 KB) Download

  • 사용 설명서
    • Instruction manual EK 2000 IEM (620 KB) Download

    • Instruction manual SR 2000 IEM / SR 2050 IEM / EK 2000 IEM [HTML] Download

    • 사용 설명서 - 2000 IEM Series (10 MB) Download

  • 소프트웨어
    • Wireless Systems Manager - Version 4.5.1 - Windows Download

      System requirements for Windows: Windows 10 32/64 bit -- 8 GB RAM

    • Wireless Systems Manager - Version 4.5.1 - macOS Download

      System requirements for Mac: macOS Catalina 10.15 -- mac OS Big Sur 11 -- 8 GB RAM