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SP 10
SP 10

SP 10

Designed for Unified Communications business professionals using softphone on PC, who demand exceptional design, excellent conference sound and user-friendly functionality for both personal and small group conferences.
제품 번호 506047

어디서나 간단한 전화 회의

더 이상 사용 가능한 회의실을 찾아다닐 필요 없이 어디서나 간편하게 즉석 회의를 시작하거나 뛰어난 음질로 통화를 할 수 있습니다. 비즈니스 전문가에게 최적화된 SP 20 ML은 가벼운 무게와 강화된 휴대성으로 언제나 휴대할 수 있습니다.

Exceptional sound for better communication

Conference calls with Sennheiser sound quality

Replace PC and mobile phone speakers and microphone with legendary Sennheiser sound quality. Conference calls will never be the same.

Conference calls with Sennheiser sound quality

Connectivity and compatibility

Hassle-free conferencing

The SP 10 connects directly to PC via USB cable – simply plug in and talk. Optimized for major UC and softphone brands it’s simply plug, play and communicate. With its user-friendly functions, including microphone mute button, call and volume controls, effective conference calls have never been simpler.

Hassle-free conferencing

Quality design

Looks as good as it sounds

With its streamlined styling and superb finish, the Speakerphone SP 10 signals high-end quality on the desk – or wherever you choose to make your office.

Looks as good as it sounds


  • Maximized UC performance

    • SP 10 is compatible with leading UC platforms such as Cisco, Avaya and IBM - with a plug and play experience.

  • Outstanding communication

    • Sennheiser voice clarity, echo cancellation and dual talk function ensure a cleaner sound and a more natural conversation flow.

  • Enjoy music

    • Sound-enhancement profile for music lets you take a break between calls to hear music when you want to relax.

  • User-friendly functions at your fingertips

    • Easy to use, clear microphone mute button, call and volume controls – plus practical and convenient cable management system.

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기술 자료

  • Dimensions
    110 x 30 mm / 4.33 x 1.18 in
  • 주파수 응답 (마이크로폰)
    150–6.800 Hz
  • 주파수 응답
    150–15.000 Hz (Multimedia)
  • 무게
    190 g / 6.65 oz
  • 스피커 유형
    Dynamic, neodymium magnet
  • 연결
    PC via USB
  • Supported operating systems
    Windows and Mac


  • 기술 자료
    • Fact Sheet - Speakerphone series (1.2 MB) Download

  • FAQ-PDFs
    • FAQ - SP 10/SP 10ML - SP 20/ SP 20 ML (500 KB) Download

  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EU Declaration of Conformity SP series (520 KB) Download

  • 안전 가이드
    • Safety Guide - Speakerphone series (740 KB) Download

  • 퀵 가이드
    • Quick Guide - SP 10/ SP 10 ML (1.3 MB) Download