Adapter cable for mobile phones
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The CEHS–MB 01 is an adapter cable for mobile phones.
Please check headset compatibility guide for further information. Suitable for SDW 5015, SDW 5016, DW Office, DW Office ML, DW Office Phone, DW Pro 1, DW Pro 1 ML, DW Pro 1 Phone, DW Pro 2, DW Pro 2 ML, DW Pro 2 Phone, SD Office, SD Office ML, SD Pro 1, SD Pro 1 ML, SD Pro 2, SD Pro 2 ML and D 10 Phone.


  • Replace the traditional desk phone with your mobile phone

  • Handle all calls by the press of a single button, i.e. end the call

  • Get notified from the distance about incoming calls by the ring tone in the headset


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